At Viridian, we’ve worked hard to build a team that is passionate, caring, and dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the communities we serve. We know that this work cannot be done in isolation and are committed to collaborating with the patient community to create solutions for people affected by autoimmune and rare diseases. Our focus goes beyond developing and delivering potential therapies. Through community partnerships, we work together to educate and raise awareness among all stakeholders, advance research, and establish impactful support initiatives.

Communitites of Focus

Viridian is focused on engineering and developing potential best-in-class medicines for people living with autoimmune and rare diseases. More specifically, we are leveraging our expertise in antibody discovery and engineering to optimize monoclonal antibody therapies, with the aim of improving their safety and efficacy, and providing convenient ways of administering therapies.

Monoclonal Antibodies Overview

Viridian is researching potential new therapies for autoimmune and rare diseases.

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Viridian’s Patient Advocacy & Engagement team serves as a bridge between Viridian and the patient community. If you are interested in learning more about Viridian or connecting with a member of our Patient Advocacy & Engagement team, please email .

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