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“Viridian is developing creative solutions to ease patient burdens – from their disease but also the burdens patients often bear in receiving clinically efficacious interventions. We aspire to develop medications that improve patients’ lives safely, tolerably, and conveniently.”
– Barrett Katz, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer

About TED

What is Thyroid Eye Disease?

Thyroid Eye Disease (known as TED) is a rare autoimmune disease in which your body’s own immune system and its antibodies attack the tissues around your eyes, causing swelling and damage.

What are the signs and symptoms of TED?

Although the signs and symptoms of TED can be very different from one person to another, people with TED may experience:

  • Irritation, dryness and discomfort of your eyes and eyelids
  • Pain on and difficulty moving your eyes
  • Eyelid retraction
  • Bulging eyes
  • Double vision

What are the risk factors for developing TED?

Although we do not fully understand what causes TED, experts have identified several factors that put some people at a greater risk of experiencing this disease. These include:

  • Age: While TED can occur at any age, it usually develops before the age of 40
  • Gender: TED is seven times more common in women than men
  • History: TED usually occurs when there is a history of Graves’ disease
  • Smoking: TED is more common in those who smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoke

VRDN-001 Clinical Trials

Viridian is developing treatments for Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), a debilitating auto-immune disease. Randomized, placebo controlled clinical trials are the mechanism dictated by the Food and Drug Administration that allows us to evaluate innovative new treatments to demonstrate efficacy, safety and tolerability of our pipeline products. We have initiated our first clinical trial in TED, seeking to enroll patients diagnosed with TED in the last 12 months.

Click here to see a list of current clinical trial sites.