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History of IGF-1R

History of IGF-1R Antibodies to treat Thyroid Eye Disease

The insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor, or IGF-1R, was initially pursued as a target for treating several forms of cancer. The research tools developed to study IGF-1R biology led to the discovery that IGF-1R is involved in Thyroid Eye Disease, leading to the clinical hypothesis that blocking IGF-1R with a monoclonal antibody could benefit TED patients.  Clinical trials proving this hypothesis has created opportunity for Viridian to advance care for TED patients by evolving IGF-1R product profiles to best meet patient needs.

Auto-antibodies in Graves’ Disease bind IGF-1R on orbital fibroblasts

August 13, 1993

IGF-1R-blocking antibody prevents inflammatory signals stimulated in vitro by Grave’s Disease auto-antibodies

April 1, 2003

IGF-1R activation shown to promote hyaluronan synthesis in orbital fibroblasts, a hallmark of Thyroid Eye Disease

June 29, 2004

IGF-1R blocking antibody found to block thyroid-stimulating hormone signals in orbital fibroblasts

July 11, 2008

IGF-1R blocking antibody inhibits IGF-1R-mediated synthesis of hyaluronan in orbital fibroblasts

January 31, 2012

First clinical trial of an IGF-1R antibody for treatment of TED initiated

June 5, 2013

IGF1R and TSHR exhibit cross-talk in vitro, and IGF-1R antagonists inhibit hyaluronan synthesis

December 2, 2014

Study NCT01868997 updated to include “proptosis responder” as an efficacy measure in TED

November 15, 2016

Published trial results show that an IGF-1R-blocking antibody reduces proptosis in TED patients

May 4, 2017

Second clinical trial of an IGF-1R antibody for treatment of TED initiated

October 2, 2017

First IGF-1R antibody approved by U.S. FDA for treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease

January 21, 2020

Published trial results confirm efficacy of an IGF-1R-blocking antibody in treating TED

January 23, 2020

Viridian Therapeutics announces initiation of 2 R&D programs for novel therapeutics targeting IGF-1R to advance the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease

January 19, 2021

Positive initial clinical data from ongoing Phase 1/2 Trial evaluating VRDN-001 in patients with TED

August 15, 2022

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