Engineering Medicines To Improve Patient Care


Our therapeutics programs harness groundbreaking clinical discoveries and proven technologies to craft best-in-class monoclonal antibodies

  • 1

    First entrant validates a new mechanism of action

  • 2

    Significant market opportunity; serious disease with limited competition

  • 3

    First entrant leaves room for improvement

  • 4

    Viridian engineering potential best-in-class optimized mAbs

  • 5

    Rapidly advance potential best-in-class mAbs to patients

The promise of biotech often does not reach enough patients, with long innovation cycles and high failure rates that leave patients waiting for better and more accessible options. First-in-class products are rarely best in class, and too often attention turns to the exploration of new potential therapeutic classes, bypassing opportunities to engineer near-term solutions that can broaden the value and utility of proven approaches to helping patients.

We seek to conduct smarter, faster, more efficient drug development by advancing new molecules that leverage proven biology and applying industry-leading mAb engineering and clinical expertise to design therapies that reach as many patients as possible and deliver the best achievable outcomes.