Remlarsen    Active

➤ A Phase 2 clinical trial to test the safety and potential effect of remlarsen (MRG-201) for the prevention or treatment of keloids. A keloid is a growth of extra scar tissue that occurs where the skin has healed after an injury.

Remlarsen is a synthetic molecule designed to mimic the activity of a natural molecule called microRNA-29. Abnormally low levels of microRNA-29 are believed to contribute to excessive scar tissue formation. miRagen believes that treatment of a skin wound with remlarsen may reduce the formation of scar tissue and may potentially prevent or reduce the growth of keloids in individuals with a tendency for keloid formation.

The purpose of this clinical trial is to investigate whether remlarsen will be effective in preventing the formation of keloids at the site of two small skin wounds. In this study, the effect of remlarsen will be compared to the effect of a placebo.

More information on this clinical trial can be found here.